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May 28, 2016

The Antikythera Laptop

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Antikythera Laptop Greek salesgirl showing the latest model of the Antikythera Laptop to Sosipatra. (notice her smile anticipating the sale)

The Antikythera Laptop was an ancient computer powered by an analog mechanism that consisted of a box with dials on the outside and a very complex assembly of bronze gear wheels mounted in the inside.

Antikythera smart wristwatch A prototype for a Antikythera smart wristwatch that didn’t make it to the manufacturing line

The computer didn’t do much apart from accurately computing the time it takes for planetary bodies to complete their orbits, but that was quite an unprecedented feat at the time that could not be replicated until the development of mechanical astronomical clocks in the fourteenth century. Besides Ancient Greeks favored Theater over Video any day of the week, so there was no need for a Graphic Card either, they were happy just watching the dials go round and round, which provided them with an infinite source of inspiration to come up with all kinds of theorems.

In latest models the Antikythera Laptop featured just 2 USB-G ports, a decision that was highly criticized by users who could not understand why they had to part with a substantial amount of extra Drachmas to buy an adapter, just to get their machines connected to other existing standard devices of the time.

The laptops were manufactured using very sturdy materials, which made them extremely hard and durable. They were also waterproof as long as the machinery was not underwater for more than a year or so. They came with a life-time warranty with accidental damage protection. They were definitely different times and different code of ethics back then.

Rusty Antikythera Mechanism This one had the warranty voided after more than 2,000 years under sea water.

May 26, 2010

How to build/detonate/use a hydrogen bomb to open up a multidimensional wormhole

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How to build a hydrogen bomb?

Piece of  Cake.

First Google: “How to build a hydrogen bomb”.
Cut the crap by just looking for images:

You’ll probably arrive to a page that explains that the basic idea of how to build a hydrogen bomb has been available to interested parties for quite a while.

There you will also read about how Howard Morland’s attempt to explain the inner workings became a court case (United States v. Progressive), and how Greenpeace later got its hands on some British government H-Bomb for Dummies schematic:

hydrogen bomb schematic

How to detonate a hydrogen bomb?

See below, an image is worth more than a thousand detonations:


How to use a hydrogen bomb?

Now, that may seem like a dumb question, unless you are one of the desperate fans of the recently concluded television series Lost, and are speculating that the program is continuing on in a parallel dimension somewhere, and that alternate versions of showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are currently writing new episodes of the series.

That will be a worthy use for a hydrogen bomb, to open up a multidimensional wormhole.
See more details here:


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